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Robin Mayer LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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My focus is to help people. I do individual adult therapy, teen therapy, and couples therapy. I help people with issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, grief and loss, substance abuse and recovery, self-esteem, trauma, parenting concerns, developing healthy communication skills, and personal growth. I do this in a collaborative, supportive and informative fashion. I ensure your needs are met.

I work together with you. Active and thoughtful participation by us both, will help us to direct your treatment. My training in psychotherapy allows me to offer both reassuring insight and concrete solutions to current difficulties that impair your life. In our sessions, I will follow your lead while gently reminding you of initial goals, progress to date, and hoped for outcomes.

Through extensive training, I have developed a thoughtful and respectful ability to help teens, individual adults, and couples live a more engaged and fulfilling life. By working together through challenging issues, confidence and resilience are often a result. It is very gratifying to me to engage in therapy and help others become their better selves. A good therapeutic relationship can and does change lives.

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